Monday, February 18, 2013

Whenever you speak the Name.

 Whenever you Speak The Name.

I think it would
be more interesting
having the world
wonder who I am,...
moreso than knowing
with certainty
all of the things
I'm Not...
I am not the Hero
who saves the day.
(I am the Villain
Time forgot.)

I am the Wind
that Blows like
Demons breath...
along the darkened
path; (where a
crossroads waits
at every step)
I am rage, and
I am Wrath!

I am Not the
Reason people

or The Purpose
given to proceed...
I am the Meaning
which they Fear...
(That Nothing all
peering from the
Broken mirror...
immune to my
own My Suffering!

I'm not the Lover
of Mankind..
or even the Hater
who hates in vain..
I am the anonymity
that you find..
(whenever you
speak the name)

J. Stephen. H

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