Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Enemy Time.

The Enemy Time

Oh Time!,...
You are the Enemy!..
Yet I would
do Anything
to have more
(or all) of you,
and turn you back
to recapture
those fleeting
moments of Joy
I knew in youth,
when I caressed
you like a Newfound Love.

The Days grow shorter,
and more Cruel.
The Hours cut like
Razorblades, as each
second becomes a harsh
slap to my haggard
Face, leaving marks of Age.

I grit my teeth against the
Clocks grim ticking,..
screaming for it to freeze;.
(only to be mocked by
the continuation of the tocks
which further madden

How long before I cease to
watch the hourglass of
my life pour senselessly down
into a fathomless bottom?
And can we ever start over again,
perhaps trying a new
course which leads to more
permanent Joy?
(or will you always
be the Enemy?)


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