Monday, February 18, 2013

Olde Scratch

Olde Scratch.

Olde Scratch is writhing
in my brain Tonight.

oddly he's a most
comforting Parasite.)

Oh, where have you
been my Only Friend?!

(probably plotting the
Destruction of Starlight)

No more Faces
Melt in the Sun.
(Their time is spent
and Done.)

They could however
come back again!

(if The Darkness
ever Won.)

He becomes
A Shadow.

(of my Eyes
turned Cold
and Hollow.)

Inviting me to
follow into That
Land of Fiery

(where Undead
Angels Worship

Olde Scratch can
feign a Smiley Face,
(while planning
evil deeds)
and has Always
known the Perfect

(To kill you in
your Dreams)

and I feel
 it in my
head Tonight,..
(an intense hunger
for this Parasite)
Oh,..what shall
we do My Only

(probably Feast
upon The Starlight)

J. Stephen.H

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