Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gravity has left the Building.

 She enters the Room. (Gravity has left The Building.)

She enters the room and captures my eyes;
 her Presence like Gravity.
And I soon find myself daydreaming
that she's smiling for me, instead of
at me. (yes, theres a difference.)

Strangely enough, breathing dosen't seem
 quite so necessary as maintaining
my stare for as long as possible. It's
 my way of trapping her Sacred Image in
My Mind, so that the memory of this
moment will last until my heart stops

I consider saying something; but a mere
"Hello" feels inadequate, and "I
love you!" seems both premature,
and bordering on Psycho. So I break the
stare, and pretend to find interest in the
glass of water sitting in front of me;..
imagining her Face in the icecubes...
warming me in such a way that only irony

She pays for her drink and leaves the room
abruptly;..such a simple act, yet the
sun itself may as well have been torn
from this world forever. Gravity has left
the building Folks!...and then I return
(once again) to floating in the uselessness of
my cold, logical thoughts. (perhaps a mere
Hello would have opened the door to


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