Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Laughter that Killed the World.

 The Laughter that Killed The World.

Curtains raise, and every
voice in The Crowd becomes

Yet the silence itself reveals
a Presence;..thick and menacing,
like a Predator licking it's teeth
in wait.

He can't remember his lines;..
he can't remember anything,
his fear is so intense.

The weight of their judgement
becomes an anvil in his chest,
complicating the simple act of

"They hate me." he mutters.
"200 Fools who paid good
money to witness my Fall
from a Grace never climbed
nor felt!"

A snicker breaks the silence...
The Laugh heard round the Room...

Another snicker follows...

(The laugh that kills the World.)

He wakes up in a cold sweat,
Heart racing,..and pounding
in his ears.

Still looking for the hateful
audience that always devours
him in his Nightmares.

"They hate me." he mutters.
Those Countless unsmiling faces,
snickering at my Destruction!

He laughs,..
more laughter

( The laughter that Killed
the World.)


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