Monday, February 18, 2013

Mocking Icarus.

Mocking Icarus

I gave up flying  early in life,
(shortly after a second leap from
the milk stained coffee table)
my Paper Wings did not mock
Icarus well..

Nor did that dirty, soiled carpet,
reflect the Grace from which
I fell!

I remember ( clearly) picking
myself up from a face down
position on the floor,...while
proceeding to wipe the blood
from my knees, then screaming :
" I shall try no more!!"

( and I have since pursued Reality,
unanswered by Strange Gods

Grounded,.. I must get higher

Even if the sun (again) melts
my waxen wings, and the feathers
all fall out!..

Perhaps I could fly by the
light of the moon?!
And never look back down!

(into the ocean I once


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