Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Angel Who Leaves Pennies.

 The Angel who Leaves Pennies.

He was a Small, Happy Child,
that saw The World through a
Magical Lens; obsessed with
Pennies, and Butterflies.
(who made Everyone his

Though his Path was cut short
by Tragedy, his Spirit was set
Free to Fly as an Angel; still
watching over those he Loves.

(leaving pennies
for the Faithful.)

It's true, that Life is often sad,
but never let your Heart grow
Hardened; just remember the
Good Times that you had!(and
those little footsteps in The

For Nothing can take away the
Joy of Sacred Memories,..and
that small, happy child who
was everyone's Friend, is now
An Angel.

(who Leaves You Pennies.)


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