Monday, February 18, 2013

Do you Believe in Ghosts?

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

When she asks me if I believe in Ghosts,
 is it wrong for me to lie and say "no"?...
(to prevent her from discovering that she
is questioning a Ghost concerning belief in

It would hardly be the first time someone
has asked and been lied to by a ghost;
and it likely wont be the last. Most simply
aren't ready to be enlightened about the reality
of the things they question. And their curiosity
is a product of that Pop Culture Mentality which
constantly seeks a distraction from the monotony
of daily life.

She ( even in suffering) is beautiful. In one of those
tragic ways that tears at your heart and makes you
feel demented for admiring the perfection of anothers
Despair. Yet thats the reality of it; and I am the maddest
of all madman holding on to whatever hope I can (in death)
because it makes me feel alive again,..or part of something
greater than the nothingness of self that every lone soul is
doomed to eventually know.

I wonder at times If I will ever tell her the truth; or
discover the truth myself?...Is it possible that I am
deluded by arrogance in assuming I know beyond
a doubt the nature of Ghosts?....It's plausible that the
dead are the most deceived of all, since We are
(as far as I can tell) just as in the Dark as those
who question our existence. To the point where the
lines between the living and dead are not only thin, but
braided..or entertwined so much that those living
often haunt us as we haunt them, and the cycle repeats
itself perpetually with no rightful distinctions made
between living and This Void.
Hell..maybe "I" should ask Her???

DO I believe
in ghosts?....
DO I believe
in MYSELF?....
(do you?)

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