Thursday, February 21, 2013

By The Sorrows of their Season.

By the Sorrows of Their Season.

This is the Land of Reason,
where Hearts in Winter are
Frozen By: The Sorrows of
their Season.

As the mind, with a sense of
history explores, its own passage
over Deaths GriM Shores;
and still (in mounting curiosity)
implores, but to see the End!

Here the Fire fades, becoming
dull ashes that remain; to feel
once more life's soothing warmth,
yet no longer be That Amber Flame!;
which burns and raves (then dies
away) like fruitless dreams thus
dreamt in vain!

Here The Ghost gives tremble unto
the Curtain;..sighing deep with electric
breath,..and looks outside though
still uncertain that what it sees is
"Death".. peering back through eyes
twice burdened!

(at a Life it never Left.)


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