Saturday, February 16, 2013

Salvation in Her Craft.

   Salvation in Her Craft.

I admire Her Strength. Anyone else would
have probably surrendered by now, or went
completely insane. And though I realize She
likely gives up, and goes crazy (inside) 100
times a day, the Amazing thing is she always
comes back from it somehow; enough to Face
The Day and whatever Chaos comes Her way.

As an Artist, her Creations are the immediate
products of an internal Pain that she magically
transforms into works of Beauty and Wonder;..
Angels,..Butterflies, Shadowboxes,. works of
Victorian Antiquity. They are Her Heavenly
Realms that successfully combat the Horrors
of this Ugly World. And in Her Craft, I think
she  finds some small degree of Salvation from
the Grief which haunts her Pretty Soul.

If I could be Half as Strong as her, I think this
World would know a better Man.
(and I would possess a brighter Spirit.)

Hope is such a hard thing to maintain when life
seems to  be working against us. It is often the
hardest  thing to gain and the easiest Ideal for
one to Lose. But I know with a Certainty Beyond
Hope that there are Angels who leave pennies,
and the laughter is Not all in our Heads!! For
Good  Things Never Die,  and Those Left Behind
are NOT  abandoned,...but are simply waiting for
Better Worlds to Come.

So Do NOT give up Hope Beloved.


"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby
some have entertain Angels unaware."

Hebrews chapter 13 verse 2.

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