Friday, March 22, 2013

Poisoned Bellies and Starving Minds

Poisoned Bellies and Starving Minds.

What does one do, in a Society where
poisoned Bellies Feed Starving Minds?
And 80% of the Food in a supermarket should
(by all rights) come with  Toxic Caution Signs?

When those elected to maintain the security
of a Nation are seduced  by greed to allow
the poisoning of this Society, How does one
 protest against The Puppet Masters?

And is it agreeable to assume that those who do
nothing, or refuse to protest, are really saying that
it's O.K.?...I don't mind that 10 years from now my
children might have tumors running through their bodies,
or become obese to the point of morbidity, because I
didn't think it was important enough to critically examine
the nature of my current World!?

If that's the way you feel, you might as well grab a sprayer,
and join in. Keep pumping those insecticides, and injecting
hormones into animals. God forbid Ludabelle the cow doesn't
grow at a dangerously accelerated rate, fast enough to feed
the wallets of the greedy while you suffer.

How many have to die, or become sick before someone
grows a pair, and starts sincerely doing something about
it? The sad thing is it's not even a matter of Wolves in Sheeps
Clothing anymore. Most are Willing Sheep who march to
the wolves with their hands out just for the relative convenience
and false comfort provided!...knowing damn well that they are
lambs led to slaughter.

I for one will speak out against the puppeteers, and no longer
allow myself to be a slave to the tyranny of such false comfort
and short-sighted convenience.

Will you?


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