Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Secret Life

       The secret Life. 

       The Secret Life is The Real Life;
       The unsmiling Face behind our
       Happy mask, which grins, yet craves
       the Knife.
       A Fool trapped somewhere in his
       own head loudly screaming the lyrics
       to "Don't fear the  Reaper"; while remaining
       silent in his heart,..hoping the Reaper does
       not hear him, or take  the time to listen as he
       wanders in the Dark.
      The Secret Life is an expression of Reality
      that others hide from their Family and Lovers;...
      knowing most could never understand such
      absurdity.  (The absurdity of a Love which allows
      you to breath even as it chokes and smothers.)
      The Secret Life is Not my Life;...
      I am the unsmiling Fool who's Mask
      was Lost.

      My Life is the gray between
      shadow and Light.
      ( this doomsday device I can't
      Turn OFF.)
      Yet Strangely enough my secret is this:
      While Others are happily singing "Don't
      fear the Reaper" drunkenly in my ear;...
      I feel ashamed.
      (because its LIFE and Not the Reaper
       that I FEAR.)

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