Thursday, March 14, 2013

And Time is Just a River.

And Time is Just a River.

There are Things
hidden in the Night,
which tell a story
older than Time.
Sometimes seen
with Secret Sight.

(Spirits from a Realm

I keep this Knowledge
deep Within Me, in a cave
filled with Better Memories.
It seems to be the Safest Bet.

(to avoid the Sting
of Mockery.)

It's Amazing how
thoughts  become
so Real; something
anyone can Feel.
But terrifying when
they Run Astray!

(and worse if they
lead Good
Souls to Kill.)

Reality is not made
of Concrete Things.
It takes Shape from
the impressions We
Deliver;..Like A
Phantom creeping
out of Dreams!

(and Time is
just a River.)


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