Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Madness of Loves Ways.

The Madness of Loves Ways.

This is How it always Starts.
A glimpse of Beautys Smile through
some smoked peripheral haze;..and
then comes the Madness of Loves

I abandoned long ago This Pop
Cultural Craze, and declared that
I would put Logic in it's Place;
but the Irrational Heart Wants what
The Irrational Heart Craves.

(and gets what it does'nt anway.)

It wont be long now, before I'm a full
fledged maniac who's mind can only
lend itself to dream of hopeless things;
for already I can feel the pulsing powers
in me crowd!

(around My bitter Heart where
Chaos Sings!)

This is how it always starts;..
with a glimpse of perfection
that will likely lead to Loves
imperfect End!

The Madness of Loves Ways!

(which I will crave in Secret
till it Ends.)


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