Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Everybody Falls.

Everybody Falls.

This is One giant rabbit hole
we all Fall down...
(eternally asleep.)
Never to Hit the Ground.

Walrus and Carpenter
would be duly amused..
but their laughter wouldn't
make a sound!
(nor touch that Endless Deep.)

The Queen of Hearts
isn't much for 
words however;
she's much too busy
tearing the faces
off of Flowers,
and bitching about
the Weather.

( shouting curses
at her Mat-Hatter
Lover, who breaks
heart 20 minutes
after promising

I've Been Here,
stayed There,
and rutted
(never ignoring
Natures call.)

But.. Don't be
scared Alice.


As most reader of this who are familiar with Lewis Carrol will have already figured
this is a parody tribute to Through the Looking Glass/Alice in Wonderland more or

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