Friday, April 5, 2013

To: The Children of Atlas.

To: The Children of Atlas.

To the Children of Atlas,
who hold the weight of Worlds
upon their weary backs:
Do not drop the Globe
just yet, for there is Hope!

No burden is too great when
thoughtful minds exist to battle
the increase of mortal despair;
and Causes become Lost only
when we choose to Abandon

The Path to Noble Deeds begins
with the insertion of positive thoughts
by Those Farmers of Psyche;
(who plant mental seeds which grow
into shared beliefs.)
Yet the same applies to All Sons and
Daughters of Life's Destruction!
(for every battle begins and ends in
the collective-mind.)

Therefore We must hold firm this weight,
till the Burden of Our World becomes
lightened by More Positive Thoughts.

(Otherwise we shall lose ourselves in that
Abyss of nothing, which waits to consume
those who lose Faith in The potential
for Change.)


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