Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sister my Sister. (whem a Hero Climbs.)

Sister, My Sister. (when a Hero Climbs.)

My Sister is a Beautiful Soul,
young in feature, but mentally
old; who has (on many more
than one occasion) brought me
in from the Spiritual Cold.

The astute observer would notice
the way her ancient eyes change
with moods, and know that she
is a force to be reckoned with.

She is fair, and kind to those she
loves; but also the straight-forward
type who dosen't take shit!

I've broken her Heart many times,
but never has she given up faith in
my ability to be a Better Man;
and for this reason I will always
try to honor her any way I can!

Oh, Sister, my Sister!
Can a fallen Hero ever climb
again that Ladder of Grace?
Or somehow turn the tides of time
back to a Better Place?
when two kids were innocent,...
like kitty and woof woof,
with smiles on their face!

(I guess it depends on Faith.)



This is for my Sister Stefani, who regardless of my many faults and drunken
mishaps has never once abandoned me, or given up faith that I have the ability
within me to be something better than what I am.

Love you sis. Thanks.

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