Saturday, May 10, 2014

muse for hire

Muse For Hire.

We all see the
occasional artist
sitting idly on a
park bench with
a "Muse for Hire"
sign around his
neck, and jar of
coins sitting next
to him.

His body carries
a three-day stench
of cheap wine and
cigarettes, and there
is no mistaking the
13 O'clock Shadow
on his Face.

Most artist are likely
lunatics by world
standards...who suffer
a secret madness that
others often admire
because they are unaware
of the burdens of such

But the Muse for Hire is
the bottom of that creative
barrel...the artist turned
whore who pimps out
his creativity to anyone
willing to toss a few coins
into his jar.

It matters not that his
words, or images may
be exploited and become
a mockery of the Creators
Intent..used to sell unnecessary
products, or promote causes
that he feels little to nothing

Maybe someone should tell
him that there are Pieces of
yourself you can Never Buy
back, or drink away?...


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