Sunday, April 13, 2014

Why is the Sky Blue?

Why is the Sky Blue?

The Boy asked
me about Heaven
again today,..and
(as usual) I didn't
know what to say.

So I did what I
normally do, and
repeated stories
told to me back
in the day.

"Yeah Boy." (I said.)
"Angels are watching
over people..God is Good,
and The Devil is Bad."
(The one responsible 
for Evil.)

I cry Alone at Night,
when I recall our little talks.
He brings up The Angels
every time I take him for
a walk; and I feel like shit
because I don't know if I
believe it anymore.
(no matter how much I
deeply want to.)

Sometimes I miss our
simple conversations..
like "where do babies
come from?" and 
"why is the sky blue?


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