Sunday, April 13, 2014

Barefoot Through a World Reborn.

Barefoot Through a World Reborn.

There are far worse things 
than death to consider.
Like living several lifetimes 
walking in a dead mans'
shoes. (making the same 
mistakes that serve to kill
the greatest part of you.)

I felt the Sanity fade. It was 
an unreliable dream before
my eyes. Something that I 
convinced myself of to blend 
in with this machine of 
Collective Identities..
or a  Puppet's Masquerade. 
(where chaos imitates Serenity.)

But the worst part of it all?...
was how many times My
Soul had to Die, before I 
learned to Truly Live,..and
shed my Dead Mans' Shoes. 
(to walk barefoot through
A World Reborn.)


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