Monday, April 7, 2014

Where This Cruel Machine Ends.

Where This Cruel Machine Ends.

Someone point me
down The Line
to Where this Cruel
Machine Ends.

I've said goodbye 
so many times..

(I'm starting to
Believe it.)

Fairy tales, 
and Old Cliches 
have lost their
sense of Meaning..

Aside from Hell,
and Masquerades,
with Puppets Dead.
(or Dreaming.)

Someone tell me
it's O.K. to Cry
for what is Lost..

that Tears of Men
are Acts of Strength.

(and Love has
Paid The Cost.)

Or say to Me
"You're not
Insane,..I too
have felt like

Then Bite 
your Tongue, 
and Look

(So I won't Hear
you Laugh.)

Someone tell
Me this is Real,
and Angels still
can win...

that Life is more 
than Pain to Feel.

(with Nothing
to Believe In.)

Someone point
me Down the
path which leads
to Better Places..

I've looked for
Beauty Half My

(yet Drown in
Devil Faces.)


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