Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Pretty Broken Thing.

The Pretty Broken Thing.

I sought the Pretty
Broken Thing,
(to mend)
because I Am Broken...
and cannot Pretend..
to feel the weight of
love once it is Spoken.

(so preoccupied I am
with That Which Ends.)

I found her laying
on The Floor,
trying to fake a
(that didn't
shine anymore)
acting as if nothing

Then I felt old
Joys My Soul
once felt before,..
and frowned.

(until we both
broke into Laughter.)

"Oh, Go The
Hell away!"
(she said.)

 (I asked.)

"Because you
should have been
here Yesterday!..
Before my Heart
was Dead!"

(I whispered)

(But surely the
heart's death takes
longer than that.)


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