Tuesday, July 29, 2014

here in the cave

Here in The Cave.

It's interesting how a
Shoulder, or an Ear
can make all the Difference
between Salvation, or
Lending The Heart
to Still Hope that in
Spite of the Darkness of
This World, a Light still
remains somewhere down
in this Cave; where We
Confuse our Shadows
to Be Things of Substance..
Watching them Dance
around on Ancient Walls
like Puppets of A Secret

But alas..The Puppets
are Many, and The Lights
are few.. So few in fact that
any anticipation of them
making a ripple in this Black
Sea of Existence seems
improbable. (to say the least.)

Being that Life itself
is about adaptation..
in which the Existing
Form must constantly 
modify itself and adapt
to meet the demands of
an ever-changing Struggle..
The only real option I
have..is to become a
Blacker Shadow than
Those Which Currently
Rule The Cave.

I Hope To Be Spared
The regurgitations of
various Failed Theologies
to contest My Ominous

For I've consumed most
of them..and find them

There is No God above 
me Laughing.. Nor Devil
Below me Plotting..
waiting to feast upon 
the remnants of my 
Damned Soul.

I Stand Alone..

All Of This 

(Here in My Cave.)


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