Saturday, July 19, 2014

the hell of it all.

The Hell of it All.

Today, Her Smile
is Starlight bouncing
off Empty Walls;
trying not to Cry.

(Laughing at the
Hell of it All.)

So I try to comfort
Her (with Pretty Lies.)
but she sees through

(and Breaks my
Crystal Ball.)

Has anyone else
been to Loves
Circus, and rode
the scariest Ride?

(which for me would
be the Tunnel of

OR Climbed that
Fabled Tower of

Only to Fall
because of Pride?!

(few Clowns
remain laughing
after Dark.)

I can do Nothing
Tonight to help
her find Her Grace...
which would make
the Starlight real

(and Wash The
Midnight from Her

I simply stand
in silence, directing
my thoughts at
these Empty Walls.

(which seem
unsettled when
I pace.)

Laughing at
The Hell of
it All.


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