Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Melting Pot.

The Melting Pot.

The World
certainly has
it's ups and

This Melting
Pot of Lovers
and Clowns.

Yet I Love
to Love, and
Be Loved.

(despite the
smiles or frowns.)

I give My
Heart in small
gestures, intending
to make waves
in Shallow Minds.

Naked to The
Absurd, but
clothed in Tender
Looking Forward.
(lest I fall Behind.)

We could share
all of this; as
Loveable Clowns
in a world of ups
and Downs, who
find solace in a Kiss.

Or Stand back
Watching Life
with Shallow Frowns.
(Beauty's Own Abyss.)

(to be continued?...)


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