Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fears Eventual Fading.

Fears Eventual Fading.

Still  waiting,
for Dark Times
to Pass, and Fears
Eventual Fading.

Looking at Memories
through the Minds
Muddled Glass.

Shouting Wishes
Up Above!

(while below
the devils desecrate
me with their Laughs.)

It should have been
Simple, right?
One well placed
word to pierce the
Veil of Night!

But Nothing Good
seems to make a
Ripple in My Sight.

All that is Left
Of Me...
Scarred Skin
Covered poorly
in Prison Ink.

Pretty testaments
to the Ugly.

( these Stones that hit
the Waves and Sink.)

I'm Still Waiting..
For Dark Times
to Pass..
(and fears Eventual


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