Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Bad Ones.

The Bad Ones are
often Bright,
and Society is the
Deer standing frozen
in the headlights;
knowing it should
turn and flee,
yet conquered by
a greater curiousity.
(to feel the shine.)

Were they born
Those Monsters
who possess no
sense of mourning?
With heartless faces,
and soulless eyes!;..
concealing dark minds which
perceive this horror
story to be, a mere
comedy kissed by
twisted lips of tragedy!,..
portraying dreams that
never were, yet shall
always seem, like the
repetition of instinctual
human sensories!
 (as we evolve
from beasts.)

Is there salvation for
any of them?
When the concept
seems absurd to have
a lover or a friend?
Or do they all pretend?!
(to find the means by
which to feel again.)

The Bad ones are
mostly bright, as
Society plays the
deer standing frozen
in the headlights;
knowing damn well
that it should flee!
(yet attracted to the
artificial light in me.)


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