Friday, June 7, 2013

The Great Self Debaters.

The Great Self Debaters.
(A Contrast of Dual Perspectives.)

They hate the view I Preach,..
for it suggests that We Are Beasts.
Frolicking around in Natures
Playground, attempting to be Freed!
from a Death which Robs all Destiny,
and leads (in itself) To Nothing!

For stating this, (which should
be obvious even to the Blind.)
I am despised by The Majority
of Mankind. And thus find it
pointless when I "Try".

( exposing the Myths on which
they rely.)

The Puppets Hysterically dance,
Lost in the Greatest Self Debate,..
(torn between Freedom and Fate.)
while I merely glance.. halfheartedly
at History's Broken Slate..
Certain we never had a chance!!

(to steal back Destiny.)


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