Saturday, June 1, 2013

On The Shadow. (embracing the Darkness to find our Inner Light.)

On The Shadow.
(embracing the darkness
to find our Inner Light.)

In Jungian Psychology, the "Shadow" refers to
an unconscious aspect of our personality which
the Ego does not recognize within itself. Often
because we reject or remain ignorant about the
less desireable aspects of our personality.

The Shadow is largely negative, but there can
be positive aspects as well that remain hidden
within the shadow. (especially for those with
low self esteem.) It is a link to the Primitive

(source: carl jung. Phenomenology of the Self.
pg. 147 of the Portable  jung by Viking press.)

To further advance along the path of
individuation, it is not only important
for one to recognize their shadow, and
become intimately familiar with both
the negative and positive aspects within
themselves; but also we must Learn to
embrace the negative qualities within
ourselves and attempt to use them to a
better advantage. It should never be about
simply repressing, or suppressing the
negative qualities, but rather attempting
to restore Psychic balance between the two.

It is also important to realize the things
within ourselves that we project onto
others unconsciously. Though in breaking
with traditional Freudian, and Jungian
ideas about projection, (which they define
as the  misattribution of a person’s
undesired thoughts,  feelings or impulses
onto another person who  does not have
those thoughts, feelings or impulses.)
I feel that there are also forms of projection
in  which the Shadow Self projects it's
own personal  wishes/desires into others.
( thus in this context the process of projection
ceases to be a mere defense mechanism or
expression of ones shadow impulse, and becomes
the unconscious minds attempt to fulfill a wish,
or validate personal feelings by assuming
that they exists in a majority others.)

Therefore I cannot stress enough (as a mostly
unbalanced man) the importance of trying
to find as much balance as possible in
the World. For With balance comes growth
and more positive development.

The problem is that (myself included)
we tend to be predominantly prone towards
one extreme or the other. This creates a
stagnation in our Self and furthers the illusions
that cloud our minds from perceiving the
reality we could be living in. (if only our
minds would create it.)

SO , In Short, the Shadow does not
have to be the Enemy of Self. It is just
another aspect of it. Part of an interesting
and often hidden Trinity of Consciousness
that exists within us all, and makes us both
Unique, yet ultimately all connected to the
same Primary source of energy which
on a vibrational level is the Same Fundamental
source of All Existence.

We Must Embrace the Shadow,
in order to Completely
find (and see) The Light
Within Ourselves.


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