Monday, June 24, 2013

Somewhere State Road.

Somewhere State Road.

I've walked for miles down
Somewhere State Road,
haunted by the horrors of
this mysterious world;
watching the cars come,
and go, while imagining
this sweet unsmiling girl!,
who's face alone could
ease all sorrows!
(and remind me there are
beautiful things worth waiting
for tomorrow.)

Lately I must confess,
My restless mind has died
1,000 deaths;
torn between A Promise in
Her Eyes,
and the security found
in Loneliness.,..
which keeps my
Soul from contemplating
the misery wrought by broken
(alas, the Mother of Demise.)

This is Not a Road of Concrete Fate,
but rather Possibility;
potential outcomes which may change,
for Good or ill depending on
inner Truths conceived!
( my own Hearts ability to become the
Man she Needs.)

Thus I pray
(to an ever-changing Universe)
May Somewhere State Road eventually
lead me to that place I wish to Be;
Somewhere better than Now!,
or Yesterday!
(where she remains a Hopeful Dream.)


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