Saturday, June 15, 2013

As A Passenger on this Sinking Ship Called Hope.

As a Passenger on This Sinking Ship
Called Hope.

At Times it's hard to stay afloat,
as a passenger on this Sinking Ship
called Hope;
watching the crashing waves consume
everything I hold so dear,
while darkening the once sweet musical
(which is now a devil singing wicked
thoughts into my Ear.)

If not for the People I Love and know,
who have stood beside me through
thick and thin,
I would have surrendered long ago!
(and let the Darkness Win.)

I can never tell one second to the next
if this moment will be the last;
but lately death seems to terrify me
less. (than the memories from my

For it's hard (at times)
to stay afloat, as a Passenger
on this Sinking Ship Called Hope.
Watching those I Love move on,
as I stay behind and "Cope."
Drowning in the Mysteries of
(where I sink,
 or swim Alone.)


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