Tuesday, January 28, 2014

such madness never fades.

Such Madness Never fades.

There is a
in the Stars
my Dreams
have made...

so intense it
will not fade..
which seems
deeper now
than any Sea.

(a madness
all encompassing.)

A Madness
others write
about with Irony.

(unaware of
it's reality.)

This Madness
lives in every

it is seen
by day,
and in
The Dark...

thus in
every stare...

As The Author
of our Mortal

(The Reason
we are Scared.)

I have seen
this Madness

with nothing
more or less
to offer...

than a Diagnosis
of Mans' Disease.

(which at core
reveals the Truth
that we are animals
ruled by instinct.)

There is Madness
in this Living Play..

I feel it growing
by The day..

and at night in
dreams I Know
it still.

(for such Madness
never fades.)


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