Wednesday, August 7, 2013

To: Old Souls in Human Guise. (a socractic lamentation.)

To Old Souls In Human Guise.

To: Old Souls
in Human Guise,
(seeking to prevent
their Spirits Fall)

We must Laugh
often at the Tragedy
of Life!

Otherwise one
never stops Weeping!

(Haunted By the Horror
of it All.)

I spent My Youth
attempting to be Wise, ..
but was poisoned instead
by Mortal Ignorance.

So that Now I admit
a Fool Reigns Inside!

(and strangely enough
the Gods  proclaim me
A Genius for this.)

Irony!..daily thine essence
humbles me, as I set upon a
noble course, an in turn receive
the opposite of what I was

How can a loser win
against such self-defeating

(aside from seeing in
each loss the Potential
for a Future Victory.)

You ask me why I
laugh My Dear...
and Rage against
Tradition  as I
carry bold the torch
of Human History! is To prevent
my Tears!

(which to the world
shall remain an Endless


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