Sunday, August 4, 2013

In This. (My Nothing.)

In This. (My Nothing.)

This isn't the way I imagined
Doomsday To Feel;
like a Broken Man standing
at the edge of a once-round
World, naked and exposed
to the Endless Absurd.
( hoping for more Time to Kill.)

Neither Demonic Legions,
nor Angelic Flocks,
can contend with This Nothing.
An Abyss ticking
(despite the absence of Clocks)
into a Bleak Eternity.
(resembling the face of a Proud
Devil reduced to blushing.)

I think I would be more content
with other Fables;
blown trumpets calling up
The Dead and Damned.
For in This, (My Nothing)
I find only Doomsday...
(an irrevocable product of Man.)


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