Thursday, November 6, 2014

something in me truly flawed

there's something in
me truly flawed.

She tried to see
past all of My Flaws..
there was nothing
left of me..
but A Faceless
Man cowering on
the floor scribbling
Fictions across The Wall
of His Heart with Shit...
Laughing Tears Of Madness
which echoed down
Winding Halls of Broken

How many Dead Walk
through My Head?..
I don't know..
but The Cellophane crackle
in My Ears indicates a Crowd
of The Hungry Bastards..
teeming up to exact some secret
Vengeance for Sins I don't

Yesterday Hurt Less..but
The Memory of It Now Cuts
More..because that's
How Beauty Works..
teasing the Mind with fleeting
Moments of Joy..which Become
A Nightmare once you can no
longer find it in yourself to
Relive them...Without scratching
out your Eyes in Rage.

(My Eyes are Cursed They Always
grow Back.)


She tried to rid me of My
Devils...but..without Them
there is Nothing in Me...

I'm The Blank Man Standing
in A Room of Shadows,..
choking on White Smoke
fuming From
an Angel's Cigarette..
pretending to Smile at Jokes I
don't Understand,..because Life's
Humor Fucking Sickens Me.

(since The Punchline Ends
in Death.)

How Many Angels Dance
Chaotic Serenades In Here?

Hard to say really...
trying to see through
tears ..their writhing
adhering to formless
forms...which let me


(There's Something
in Me Truly Flawed.)


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