Tuesday, October 22, 2013

my two stones worth

My Two Stones Worth

There is a Madness in my Words 
which creates ripples throughout 
the universe; like pebbles tossed
into a stagnant wishing well by
mischievous children.

Yet even good intentions are
often laid to waste by those parasites
of the day, who dilute our finer
undertakings with negative interpretations
that ensure our meanings will be seen in
a darker light.

Individuality is not a thing embraced.
It is a threat to those making a
flock out of Good Souls who would
better prosper as collective individuals.
"Give Rocks to starving men in want
of bread!" 

( tis a motto of the slave

Opinions...what are those?...why,
they are what countless zealots kill
and die for. Everyone is entitled to them.
(yet death is entitled to them all.)
Just be certain that your own conform in
some way to others, lest you be cast
into the social-madhouse and discredited
as a fool.
(for any new insight intended to see the
world prosper in some way, is first considered
A Doomsday Prophecy.)

So here I find myself...wasting away
Another day...casting Thinking Stones
into some Strange New Universe full 

of mischievous children .

(who were likely insane long before I
ever tossed my two stones worth into
the wishing well.)


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