Monday, July 8, 2013

New Beneath the Moon.

Everything is New Beneath The Moon.

Everything  is New beneath The Moon;
Since Darkness breeds a constant Variety
while the Limited Sun Recycles.
creating Chaos, Death, and Gloom.
(with the bones of Weak Ones tossed
in Piles.)

I cool myself in this Hellish Summer Heat;
(looking across The Field of Gore.)
with a pair of Fresh Picked Angel Wings.
(which won't be flapping anymore.)

And for This, travesty. I shall be
A Silent King upon the Throne of Ages.
On a stage with Misfits ever clapping!
(regardless of my many Rages.)

Everything is New in this Moon Within
since darkness breeds new variety while
the Limited Sun recycles.
Chaos, Death, and Misery!
(with the Bones of Weak Ones tossed
in Piles.)


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