Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Oddities of This World.

The Oddities of this World.

She tells me Normalcy is overrated,
yet seems to go out of her way to be
what she considers normal; 
putting on Her daily mask to conceal
the sweet reality behind those haunted 

Anyone else would be labelled a Poser,
but when I ask her about the postured
veil She is "only in Disguise."
(irony, thy name is Love.)

Not that I'm one to Judge another for
wearing Masks. 
I have so many that I often forget where
the mask Ends and my Face begins.

Big Brother Lost in his Own Darkness,..
Loving Son with Demons trying to Be
Better on His Spiritual Path.

(I guess it just depends on which Devil
you happen to Ask.)

The difference between us is that I admit
to, and embrace the Realities of what I Am.
The Oddities of this World are My Normalcy;..
Beautiful in their own tragic way because each
of them tell their Own Story.

(even if they are uttered from the Lips of
The Damned.)

Still,..whatever makes you Happy My Love.
It's your Life, and your Mask. Therefore your
Burden Alone to bear.

I only Hope that eventually the Burdens make you

(since you will Be burdened
By Me No Longer.)


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