Sunday, August 24, 2014

one of the damned

One of The Damned.

"Oh, well I've never met
one of the Damned before."
she said..running slender
fingers self-consciously
through her unkempt raven's

"Really?"..he asked quietly.
(Smiling Like The Dead.)

"Really." she replied. before
adding "I imagine I would miss
the light of Grace."

(and this of course got him
laughing in a way that caused
anger to cloud her Pretty Face.)

"You mock me?"..she asked,
with razors cutting her Angel
Voice..while trying to meet his
Burning Stare.

"No Love." (he said quietly.)
"but not all of us had a Choice
to jump or fall from Paradise."
(and some demons have never
left there.)

" you're a Victim then."
she prodded..but he remained
silent, and only nodded, which
led her to question further.

"what about the Promise?"
she ventured.

(and at this his eyes lit with a
madness which seemed to
physically hurt her.)

"The Promise?!!" he screamed.

"The Promise simply means
that ignorance is Bliss!"..."and
I've never been a Fool!"

"The Promise was was made
by a god who dreams up little
pawns to rule!"

"it only applies to angelkind
like you..not demons cursed
to be the Devils' Footstool!"

She was stunned by his angry
outburst. So much that neither
of them said anything for several
minutes, and she didn't dare to
look at him again.

"Well." (she said finally, in
a much quieter voice.) " if it
means anything at all to you
I'll be your friend."

Madness leaving his eyes
now, He smiled his First
Genuine Smile in centuries,
and (looking deeply into
her Golden Stare) simply

"splendid!'s nice to meet
you little lamb"

"I am Jeremiah."

(and you've now officially
met one of the Damned.)


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