Saturday, March 2, 2013

Life Endures.

Life Endures.

The frailty of this World becomes most apparent whenever
those living experience the loss of someone they Love. And  many
begin seeing life from a different perspective, no longer taking
for granted the people, and things in it.

When seen in this Light, Death becomes the lender of a new
set of Eyes for those Left Behind. Unless they allow their Hearts
to become so embittered by Grief that they are unable to appreciate
the Simpler Things that Bless our Days. (and often mean the Most.)

Yes, Death is Sad. Often Tragic. Since it increases our awareness of
Mortality, and causes us to question what (if anything) happens
once consciousness of this World Ends. But to go about each day in
a state resembling Living-Death deprives you of the privilege of
Lifes' Experience. So If anything you should Live each Day to the fullest
of your ability and keep Hope in your Heart that there is something
better (or equally enjoyable) waiting on the Otherside. (otherwise you're
wasting life, and killing time rather than spending it.)

As I've said in other writings, Hope is often one of the hardest emotions
to gain, but the easiest Thing for us to lose. But for those of us who can
endure Life's hardships, and still remember to smile once and a while at
the Folly of the World, We will never Lose our ability to Hope for Better
things to Come.

So Today, Give the Sorrow of Death Room for Hope that Life Endures.
And spend Time with those you love rather than Killing It Alone.


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