Saturday, March 2, 2013

Heavens Child

Heavens Child

Heavens Child
came into the world,
Happy and Free of Care;
and never was a Happier
child found Here, or Anywhere.

Heavens Child was an
Angel sent, from Others
Up above, they watched
him Everywhere he went;
and showered down Their

But much earlier than
some others sent,
on a tragic Day so Sad;
Back to Heaven The
Child Went.

(for the Angels called
him Back.)

Yet Heavens Child watches
still, from that Golden Place
Above, Smiling Down on
Everyone, and Blessing them
with Hugs.

For Heavens Children
do Not Die,
they only go away,
to a Better Place,
where No One Cries.

(and we meet
Again Someday.)


I wrote this for my cousin
who lost her 4 year old son..
He was struck and Killed by
a Dump Truck crossing the
street, coming home from

It's..The only religious
piece I've ever written
so I must apologize for
the poorness of it's Quality.

I was in Jail at the Time
My little Cousin Died, and
when I got word of his
Death I was stunned with
grief, and sat down immediately
at my Bunk to pen this.

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