Thursday, March 14, 2013



When a Bullys' Fist smashes into the
face of his Victim; who's Eyes does
he see?... his Abusive Father, inattentive
Mother?,..or an indifferent Society?

(I sincerely doubt all can be labelled
Monsters expressing  Destructive Glee.)

And what of the Strong Ones who stand
by Watching? (Sometimes clapping.)
Does it not take another form of bully
to see a soul in pain, yet gather around them

The shy, quiet kid (you call a nerd) walking down
the hall hoping to get to his locker in peace for a
change, could be someone worth getting to know.
It's not his fault he seems different than you.
(and he probably has an interesting Side to show.)

NO Bully..he is not your father, inattentive mother,
or an indifferent society. (Or this Object upon
which a destructive monster can express his glee.)

He is a person like you or Me.


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