Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Secrets Kept well by The Dead.

Those Secrets kept Well by The Dead.
I feel no Terror for The Things of Night,
which haunted once my childish head,
but rather View them with Delight, and
crave the End instead.

For what Joy, or fun, can be found in
this Cancer beneath the Sun?...
Often we break Mirrors in A House of mirth!
(before feeding the Shards to Unholy Ones.)

I celebrate my Alien Rebirth,
haunted by an immense sense of Pride;
as The Heroes' Coffin fills with Dirt,
and several Stars commit Suicide.
(some fell,..some jumped...All Died.)

There is a Certainty in My Heart which states:
Experience cannot Rot what has Always been Rotten.
Tis Life which Desecrates!
(while in Death all Sins are soon Forgotten.)

What Joy?
What Fun?!!
A Cancer exists beneath the Sun!
As Humor reflects an Optimists Pain!
(shared by Everyone.)

Thus I feel no Terror for the Things of Night;
which haunted once my childish head...
but crave things hidden from my sight!
( these secrets kept well by The Dead.)


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